Neurological Associates

The Interventional Group

Initially established in 1981, Neurological Associates has been providing neurological health care for decades to the local community and to people from around the country and the world. The practice has successfully blended university affiliation,  personalized clinical care, postgraduate education and clinical research in a way that honors individual needs while expanding the frontiers of brain health.

Each neurologist in our practice has been nationally and internationally recognized by peer and consumer groups.  We hold academic faculty positions at major universities, have numerous publications, and conduct research. If you have any questions or you or a family member is considering using our services do not hesitate to make an appointment at 310-829-5968

Throughout our 30 year history, we have striven to think outside of the box, providing state of the art treatment and personalized care to each individual patient.

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Our highly experienced doctors, state of the art technology, world-renowned personalized care, and numerous clinical trials allow us to provide our patients with the highest standard of neurological treatments in the world. We invite you to schedule a consultation with our experts today!