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With Neurological Associates of West Los Angeles, my experience has been nothing but fantastic. Drs. Jordan and Chang are consistently committed to providing the best care as I go through this painful and stressful stage of my life. Even through the struggles, the Drs. and team at the clinic have been in my corner every step of the way. Thank you so much!
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The staff and doctors have been excellent, extremely helpful and proficient. The process was thorough and my family members have also been seeing them for six months.
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I have been seeing Dr. Jordan since 2013. I was referred to him by doctors from the DISC Sports and Spine Center in Marina del Rey. Dr. Bray who started DISC is world famous. I had PT, 1 surgery, and multiple procedures there. As providers for many of the stars and the Olympic Athlete team, they are top of the line. Yet I needed a procedure beyond what the doctors there did. I received that procedure only 2 days after my first visit with Dr. Jordan. I also was properly diagnosed as to why I had right arm pain and decreased function. I had been in severe pain for so long, even on opioid pain medications, I had no will to live. My life is completely changed. I can usually use my arm, and have minimal pain in it or my hand. My neck pain has much decreased. What makes it even better is Dr. Jordan and many of the staff exhibit they truly care. I wish they took Medicare now that I am on it, yet will pay out of pocket unless or until I can find a doctor with his expertise.
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Dr. Chang is THE BEST!! I have severe tmj.. to the point that I'm stumping specialists. At 27, I've had headaches for as long as I can remember to the point of taking so much Advil daily I'm probably killing my insides. I have arthritis in one joint and a ton of other bite and pain issues on the other. My muscles were in such severe spasm that they couldn't unlock... So she treated me with Botox which she injected into the locked up muscles, and my pain is down probably 70% so far and I haven't had a headache since 1 week after the injections. I cried! She was so thorough to explain all the risks and side effects so I knew exactly what I was getting into... which was wonderful because the idea of Botox really scared me. Now I'm not saying that Botox would be everyone's solution, but Dr Chang was absolutely wonderful to help diagnose, inform me and treat me.
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Dr. Sheldon Jordan is a UCLA trained Neurologist who thinks outside of the box. They use FMRI ( without tracer), and is very thoughtful and compassionate. He is also using exosomes for nerve damage and CNS conditions, and dementia. I wish I found him years ago, as I had a freak fatal reaction to a medical device and I couldn't find a doctor to care about me. He would have figured this out in no time. Highly recommend.
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Dr. Chang is an outstanding diagnostician, compassionate, and highly skilled. She listens carefully and never minimizes what her patients are experiencing. She considers the whole patient and works with patients to find treatment options that are effective and fit the patient's lifestyle. The reviewer who criticized the office's upfront payment requirements must be unaware that this is standard practice on the Westside. You submit the claims to your insurance for reimbursement. Dr. Chang provides all of the necessary documentation to get the claims approved. If for some reason a claim is rejected, the office staff does a great job handling the appeal. You will not find a better neurological practice.
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