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Nutritional Substances

Important disclaimer, please read first:

The following list has been compiled over many years and it includes many of the products used in patients at The Regenesis Project for supporting brain health. The list is frequently evolving in order to reflect new studies being performed including those that evaluate absorption, tolerability and potential efficacy for brain health.

As nutritional supplements, the use of these agents has not been fully investigated or approved by the FDA for treating any condition and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. The agents listed are for educational purposes only and no recommendation is being made for incorporation into anyone’s health maintenance program.

Be careful that any supplement should be discussed with your physician in view of potential side effects, allergies and interaction with medications already being taken. Ingredient labeling does not always reveal possible allergens such as shellfish components or interactions with certain drugs such as those that cause bleeding. In the nutritional substances listed, there was an effort to have third party assays of ingredients and/or the agents have been subjected to clinical research studies and peer review. Beware that many supplements that are available in the consumer marketplace have inadequate levels of active agents, are not sufficiently pure and/or may not even be absorbed or effectively deployed in the body. It is important to note that many consumer level products are purposely omitted from this list because in the opinion of The Regenesis Project, peer review and third party review, they contain inadequate concentrations of active compounds, they lack any real foundation for potential benefit and/or have not shown sufficient effects in clinical studies.

In short, a reasonable supplementation program should be determined and personalized in consultation with your doctor.

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