Meet Dr. Jordan

Dr. Sheldon Jordan: Artist, Innovator, Neurological Expert

Dr. Sheldon Jordan takes a well-rounded, research-based approach that has enabled him to develop some of the most innovative neurological treatments in the world. Dr. Jordan and the Neurological Associates- The Interventional Group strive to provide patients with the best and most effective headache, pain, brain injury, memory loss, and comprehensive neurological care in Los Angeles. Read more about Dr. Jordan’s education, experience and publications here.

neurological associates the interventional group's dr. sheldon jordan

A Well-Rounded Approach to Neurological Treatments

Dr. Jordan is more than a conventional doctor. He is an artist and innovator Because of his unique approach to medicine, the Neurological Associates- The Interventional Group has become one of the leading neurological treatment and research establishments in the world.

Dr. Jordan realized early in his career in clinical psychology that a limited approach to therapy will not work well enough.  This sparked an interest in learning more about underlying physiology so that he could treat conditions that were not treatable before. Over his career he developed The Neurological Associates- The Interventional Group into a pioneering center of regenerative medicine, and a multifaceted approach to treatment problems with access to clinical trials, cutting-edge equipment, and unmatched resources.

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Dr. Jordan’s Personal Connection to Neurological Innovations

Dr. Jordan loves that his work is both stimulating and gratifying. He is most fulfilled by the shift that has occurred during this exciting time of research and technological advancements. In the past, he used to tell people, “I know what you have, but I can’t help you.” Now, he not only understands what people are going through, he knows how to help them overcome it and regain their health. From Alzheimer’s to autism, Dr. Jordan is the expert.

Dr. Jordan personally understands the importance of solving neurological problems and restoring the body’s ability to heal itself. After his motorcycle accident, he recovered at a remarkable pace due to the exciting new use of exosomes via targeted ultrasound. He does not recommend anything to his patients that is not peer-reviewed, has not gone through multiple well-respected research studies, or he has not personally tried himself.

Dr. Jordan’s Unique Background

Dr. Jordan’s academic career did not follow the conventional path of most doctors. After graduating from Brooklyn Tech in Industrial Design, he attended the University of Southampton in England for experimental and Shakespearean theater. From here, he went on to Johns Hopkins University where he studied art and psychology, while also performing research in neurophysiology and behavioral psychology. He also finished his complement of premedical courses at Harvard University during this time. His diverse background is the foundation of his unique and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

After completing his studies at Johns Hopkins and Harvard, he designed and implemented a behavioral program in psychiatry at the Sheppard Pratt Institute and another in developmental psychopathology at The Kennedy Institute. He went on to a Neurosciences program and Medical School at the University of California, Los Angeles, while completing fellowships in Epilepsy, Clinical Neurophysiology, and Electromyography, while also staffing the Sleep Laboratory and Neurobehavior Clinic.

He has been a clinical faculty at UCLA and USC for many years, has continually taught two interventional pain programs at UCLA, and help establish the stroke service at UCLA and Providence Saint John’s Health Center.  He has authored numerous books and numerous journal articles over the years and continues to lecture nationally and internationally. He specializes in advanced imaging techniques, interventions for brain and nerve injury, anti-aging of the brain, and regenerative medicine. As chief investigator for numerous institutional review board-approved clinical research projects, Dr. Jordan actively endeavors to advance the boundaries of neurological care. He is also an avid photographer and artist, and has illustrated books and presented artwork in various galleries.  His diverse background is the foundation of his unique and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

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