Degenerative Conditions

dr. sheldon jordan brain art 2020

Remarkably, many physicians are content to order minimally effective drugs for symptomatic control of memory loss, slowed movements, aging-related weakness and progressive frailty. There is often a resignation to the forces of aging without a discussion of cutting edge and investigational approaches that may forestall declining function. There appears to be a common theme of cramming people into categorical labels such as Alzheimer’s Disease or Parkinson’s Disease without any full understanding of all of those destructive and failing regenerative forces that result in selective and rapid deterioration of brain function. 

Aging-related degenerative conditions are virtually never due to a single cause. A full understanding of all of those destructive and regenerative forces are required to design a therapy program that has any chance of reversing declining performance. Deploying advanced imaging and diagnostic testing may be required to understand the underlying multiple systems failure. Understanding and applying remedies from several categories are most often required to meet all of the challenges including optimization of diet and the gut-brain connection, exercise, nutritional support and the use of cutting edge and investigational therapies including medications, focused ultrasound, light therapy and regenerative approaches. New conceptualizations suggest that the biological clock of aging may be reset.

Within our program, we have numerous institutional review board-approved clinical studies for these conditions drawing on a variety of approaches including the gut biome, toxic protein deposits, free radical injury, cellular regeneration, diet, exercise and investigational treatment option that include medications and interventions including focused ultrasound, light therapy and magnetic stimulation.