Headache, Nerve Injury and Pain

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Medications must be chosen accurately and deployed artfully. Successful therapy also may require interventions such as nerve blocks, spinal procedures, stimulation and ablative therapies, diet, nutritional support, optimizing the gut-brain connection, restoring sleep architecture and alternative and complementary approaches as far-ranging as acupuncture to ketamine infusions. Comprehensive training, academic affiliation and national pain society leadership help foster this comprehensive approach.

We teach these approaches nationally and internationally and have many decades of experience applying these techniques. We have an in-office surgical center that allows for convenient deployment at a reasonable cost for interventional therapies. We have extensive experience in imaging technology, ultrasonography, EMG and other approaches to be sure of a precise and individualized diagnosis. Being neurologists trained to identify the underlying pain generators and subsequent central sensitization, we are particularly well-positioned to understand the sources of pain in an individual.