Redefining Medicine with Special Guest Dr. Sheldon Jordan

Sheldon Jordan, MD is a clinical associate professor of neurology at UCLA and USC. He has a private practice in Santa Monica, California. He has taught two interventional programs at UCLA and helped establish the stroke service at UCLA and Providence Saint John’s Health Center.  He has authored numerous books and journal articles, and he lectures nationally and internationally on brain health and regeneration. His newest book Regenesis: The Brain Doctor’s Guide to Health will be available this summer. He specializes in advanced imaging techniques, interventions for brain and nerve injury, anti-aging of the brain, and regenerative medicine. As chief investigator for The Regenesis Project, Dr. Jordan advances the boundaries of neurological care through the exploration of cutting edge and targeted approaches for brain health and regeneration. He has ongoing laboratory research which he is translating from the bench to the beside.  Dr. Jordan is also an avid photographer and artist and has illustrated books and presented artwork in various galleries. His diverse background is the foundation of his unique and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Listen to Dr. Jordan’s podcast below on redefining medicine!